Tuesday, 30 July 2013

apple iphone 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini Unexpected Vanishing Hints iPad 5, apple ipad mini 2 Release Time Unexpected disappearance of apple ipads and ipad minis indicates a imminent statement of upgraded versions

Latest news – Apple CEO has recently said that in 2013 they will be offering new products, but he has used the same style for the last 16 months. In 2012 he presented us mind-blowing products and a plentiful product roll-out, but all we saw was a updated iphone, ipad as well as the apple ipad mini, mind-blowing or not? This informative article claims that stores are by now selling out of iphones and ipads, ready for the new crop of products, but is this true?

Apple’s next generation of tablets iPad 5 and ipad Mini 2 is rumoured to be released sooner than later.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook recently confirmed that no new Apple products will be released before fall 2013. However, the sudden disappearance of previous iPads tells consumers otherwise.

The iPad with Retina Display and iPad Mini suddenly disappeared in some retailers. One major retailer is now sold out of about half its iPad 4 configurations, with the iPad mini vanishing nearly as swiftly. Another is doing better but is also gradually marking more current iPad models as “out of stock” as the month goes on.

Early this month, several websites reported that Apple and retailers offered great discounts on the current iPad models. According to rumours, almost 30 percent being slashed off the price of iPad’s and iPad mini’s, the clearance sale by the retail giants on tablet’s third anniversary is a clear cut indication that Apple is all set to hit the market with a new and updated iPad for the customers.

The price cuts hinted at a move by Apple to clear out inventory ahead of the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 launch, and the subsequent sell-outs of those same models all but confirm it. If the price cuts had merely been to catch up on inventory of laggard selling models, they would not have sold out. This means Apple’s authorized price cuts were meant to clear out the inventory of retiring the iPad 4 in favor of newly introduced models.

Consumers can still purchase the previous models of iPad. In Amazon, iPad 4 is still being sold for around $500-$800.

According to reports, iPad Mini 2 will feature a screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536. This is almost four times the resolution of the present iPad Mini and is equal to the fourth generation iPad which was released along with the iPad Mini last year.  AU Optronics has been rumoured to be making displays for the iPad Mini 2. Other specs include a more powerful dual core A7 processor and a 7.9 inch screen. It will also feature a 10-hour battery life, a FaceTime HD camera, and an iSight camera with 1080 pixels HD video recording. Apple is also trying to reduce the thickness of the iPad Mini 2 by using the Sharp’s IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology in its screens.

The iPad 5, on the other hand, is rumoured to have no bezels, and the whole form factor has been made sleeker. Horowitz believes this design indicates that Apple will be calling on Sharp’s IGZO screen technology. Sharp, however, according to Horowitz, has been struggling to deliver components on time, which will play a key role in the release of the next iPad.

Source - http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/461536/20130426/ipad-5-mini-2-release-date-rumors.htm#.UXpaj7XYiSo

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Comms Position Analogue or Digital: Which is Greatest

Analogue and digital comms each have their supporters as well as their detractors. Each tech has its positive factors also as its drawbacks, but neither are massively well understood by the average consumer. So here’s what we’re planning to do; a handy modest puff-piece detailing which type of two way radio is best as the defined needs.

OK, so, first, let’s check out the distinctions between analogue and digital comms.


To begin with, analogue tech interprets information into 2 way radio waves to be able to convey it over extended distances. The more the wave might be compressed, the clearer the signal can ultimately develop into, and with less noise as well.

Analogue tech records waveforms as these are and translates them like that, as opposed to its digital counterpart, which samples and records waveforms 1st before transmitting them. Nevertheless, analogue gadgets normally use more power.

Analogue 2 way radios are also inherently more affordable than their digital counterparts. Digital radios can cost a great deal of cash and, because they are an emerging technology, new models can potentially be rendered ‘old hat’ within a relatively brief span of use, where analogue radio requires far less upgrading.

The downside here, however, is that the end for analogue two way radios is certainly in sight. Digital is clearly going to be the way onward.


Digital technology operates on a very distinct principal. While analogue translates voice into radio waves (as we mentioned previous), digital technology alternatively translates the identical information into a binary layout (essentially 0′s and 1′s). This needs a communal language connecting the transmission and receiving devices; otherwise the transmittion cannot be decoded.  

Digital technology samples analogue waveforms, assigns a set of numbers to them then it records them. Ergo, digital radios are far less probable to be interrupted by signal reduction, outside noise and other interruptions, mainly as most noise responses are analogue in disposition.

Digital signal processing is almost immediate, as digital sampling works at 8000 samples per second. The disparity linking digital transmittion processing and analogue is hence negligible.

Finally, digital gadgets tend not to draw as much power as analogue radios.

Which one for you?

Subsequently, now that’s out of the way – which is true for you?

Eventually, when it comes to walkie talkie running, analogue radios will operate well, but not for much longer, it appears.

Start by considering health and safety issues. An analogue 2 way radio is easy to utilize, extremely tough and totally immediate. That is, in short, tech that saves life. This is exactly one explanation that these radios are still employed by everyone from law enforcement officials to construction workers the world over. The other reason is cost. Analogue 2 way radios are still much cheaper than their digital counterparts. 

Digital radios have a much wider transmittion range and a clearer sound, but, as we said, they can be cost exorbitant.

Overall, if it’s outdoor, manual labor (where rapid, competent communication is important) if cost is a difficulty, if protection and security are major factors if reliability is key, an analogue radio is an affordable choice, but can be vaguely short-sighted given the large advancements made by digital technology in recent time. It could be wiser to easily bite the bullet and squander extra over the short term in order circumvent spending much more over the long term.

If you wish to get a jump on the competition, if you’d like to be up to date and still have your workers operate the top technology money can purchase, then digital is certainly the best way forward.

What about hybrids?

A device that addresses both grounds is a great choice, providing it’s still easy to make use of in a disaster and bug free. If you’re pushed, then a digital two way radio is likely best. The technology has come a long way now and certainly represents the way forward for two way comms. 

So there you go, that is our response.

William and Kate have a baby boy, 4th in line for the throne

At 4.24 PM this week, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton gave delivery to a newborn boy weighing 8lbs 6oz. The birth was officially announced to the world at 8.30PM.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, was there at the birth, which doctor’s described as “textbook”.

Record crowds gathered out of Buckingham Palace all day in anticipation of the good news. When the notice finally arrived that the newborn had been carefully delivered, the people cheered in approval.

There has also been a constant press presence beyond the palace and the hospital all day, covering the proceedings to the rest of the globe.

Queen Elizabeth II and her Husband Prince Phillip are said to be “delighted by the news” while Prince Charles has made a short announcement that he was “enormously proud and content to be a grandfather for the first time” he also said that he was looking forward to seeing the baby soon.

The Duchess will stay in hospital overnight, but is said to be doing well.

The new baby son is the 3rd in line for the throne, following his grandfather Prince Charles and his father Prince William. Should the line of succession continue as anticipated, the boy will become the forty third sovereign since William The Conqueror.

The pair have not yet announced a name for their new arrival. However, in accordance with tradition, they 1st will present a list of chosen names to The Queen ahead of formally announcing their decision. Historically, this will allow the reigning monarch to approve or disapprove of the elected name.

Censure has occurred rarely throughout the past, notably with the birth of Princess Margaret (who was initially to be named ‘Ann’) in 1930.

However, Royal specialists say that Queen Elizabeth is more “down to earth” than a number of of her predecessors have been and that she is not expected to interfere in the christening process. The protocol is being overseen mainly as a formality and gesture of respect on the part of the Royal duo.

There has been a lot of speculation as to what the child’s name will be, but William and Kate are expected to make a official statement soon.




Saturday, 20 July 2013

A suggestion that the microsoft surface has out sold the Google nexus 10

Editors note – Considering the accomplishment of the Asus nexus 7, the Google nexus 10 was not available within the google play shop for weeks. On offer around the 13th of November 2012, and released a month following the Microsoft surface it is reported within the title below the surface has outsold the nexus 10, no set information are announced but the proof shows an interesting pattern.

Benedict Evans’ look at the Nexus 10 sales number makes for interesting reading but his kicker at the end, that the Microsoft Surface devices were outselling the Nexus 10′s, caught my eye. When you look at the numbers, it tells an interesting story on Microsoft’s future in the tablet/laptop space.

As with most consumer technology, actual sales figures are hard to come by, but with some lateral thinking and reading of analyst reports, it’s possible to come to an approximate number. And when you do that, you get the interesting result that Microsoft’s Surface tablets have outsold Google’s Nexus 10.

Okay, the numbers. Nexus 10 numbers are from Evans, who takes the relatively unique screen size of the Nexus 10 tablet, identified as ‘xlarge XHDPI’ in the development data that Google provides. Take these numbers, exclude China, and apply it equally to the Google Play user base (which Google now use for all their Android usage numbers) and Evans comes out with an initial figure, albeit with caveats, of 680,000 Nexus 10 tablets in use.

Microsoft Surface sales numbers are also hard to come by, but Bloomberg’s call of 1.5 million Surface RT and Surface Pro devices is in line with many analysts, so let’s run with that number. Even allowing for some give and take in the calculations, Microsoft’s Surface is doing better than the Nexus 10. The question is does this matter?

I’m not sure it makes a huge difference to Google. The Nexus line is aimed at the geekerati and the developers, so simply getting it out there and into the hands of the coders and influencers is enough for them. It helps promote Android tablets, which in turn has a halo effect on all tablets, and provides Google with more users and eyeballs to monetise.

For Microsoft the case is a little more intriguing. Certainly Surface as a brand is nowhere close to the sales of the iPad (over 23 million units sold). But if you take the Surface Pro (which Bloomberg reckons makes up around 400,000 of those sold units, and that’s with just one month of availability in the quarter), and give Microsoft a healthy margin on the unit of around $500 on the Pro, that gives Redmond’s Surface division a potential revenue of $200 million.

Microsoft’s adjusted Windows revenue for the quarter was $4.62 billion, which means the Surface Pro contributed around 4% to the Q1 2013 numbers (I’ve not included Surface RT numbers in here, but I’d expect them to be making a positive contribution as well).

Now have Surface Pro on sale for a full quarter, and assume there will be some economies of scale and more efficiencies in the retail process over the year. If you wanted an early sign on how Microsoft was going to operate in the ‘post-PC’ era, you’ve got one here.

Yes the volumes are low, and the Surface range is not as attractive as the iOS choices available. But if Microsoft can build up the sales of the Surface Pro in 2013 and reach four to five million unit sales a year, they will have a healthy income stream from their Surface range. Much like sales estimates, there is conjecture and assumption in making a jump from 400,000 sales in one month and extrapolating a similar sales level throughout the whole year, but it’s not an impossible jump to make. It’s certainly within Redmond’s reach.

For Google, the Nexus 10 is almost a technology demonstrator. But Microsoft’s Surface is a key part of the company’s future, and sales of the hardware are a key part of their strategy. The advantage to out-selling the Nexus 10 is that Microsoft are reaching more than the developers, hackers, and geekerati that the Nexus 10 reaches… but they need to keep reaching out and selling to create a place in the new mobile computing era.

Source – http://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2013/04/20/microsoft-surface-outsells-the-nexus-10-and-points-to-redmonds-post-pc-future/

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nelson Mandela is on that route of recovery

Past South African Leader and civil rights icon Nelson Mandela, who has been in hospital since the eighth Of june, has in the last few days showed some small signs of improvement, reported by South African Leader Jacob Zuma.

According to Mr. Zuma, who cancelled a trip to Mozambique so as to visit the ninety four year old in hospital, “He’s a lot better now than he was when I saw him last night.”

Mr. Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe has also reported that her father is “still there”, which has given hope to millions worldwide who wish the previous Leader a quick recuperation. However, she has too stated “he doesn’t look good”. Mandela’s circumstance continues to be believed to be precarious.

Huge crowds have gathered outside the hospital, with a group of children who released ninety four balloons, one for each year of Mandela’s life. US President Barack Obama described Mr. Mandela as “a hero of the world” and commented that his inheritance will live throughout the ages.

Online, a large expression of support for Mr. Mandela, as well as his family and legacy, has dwarfed the comparatively small, culturally enthused attempts to sully the previous President’s name for shock worth and/or internet hits.

Nelson Mandela was the powerful energy behind the alternate of that racist Apartheid regime and a multi-racial South African democracy.

For his actions as the member of the political underground, Mr. Mandela was jailed for 27 years. Before he was sentenced, Mandela famously made his reason for freedom and equality in the Rivona courtroom.

“I have respected the ideal of the democratic and free civilization where all people live jointly in harmony and with equal possibilities (…) It’s an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it’s an ideal for which I’m prepared to pass on.” He said. Upon his release, Madela ultimately became South Africa’s 1st black President and was jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, with ex- President F.W de Klerk, in 1993.

Since voluntarily stepping down as President in 1999, Mr. Mandela has worked as an ambassador, campaigned against HIV/AIDS (an hardship which caused the death of his son in 2005) and negotiated peace treaties in Africa and elsewhere in the world. On his 89th birthday, he fashioned ‘The Elders’ a group of leading statesmen and famous figures, with the intent of tackling some of our world’s toughest problems.

In 2004, he retired from public life generally, seeking to engage in “quiet reflection”.

I wish Mr. Mandela a powerful and rapid recuperation and remain hopeful that, despite his advanced years, the man known the world over as ‘Madiba’ can still work as a source for better on this earth.




Monday, 8 July 2013

Samsung rival to that Google nexus 10, rumoured being labeled the roma

Latest news – Samsung are synonymous that has a outstanding series of pc tablets, so when google decided to choose them to construct and manufacture the Nexus 10, everyone paid attention. It didn’t manage to seem logical, considering google had only just obtained the tablet pc and phone arm of Motorola, you would think that this would be their 1st point of call. But now Samsung are reported to be aiming to upgrade their 10 inch tablet pc with a faster processor, better display with gorilla glass and a extended battery life, the next galaxy 10″ tablet pc could be with us in the following few months.

Samsung, which manufactures Google’s Nexus 10 tablet with an ultra high resolution display, is rumored to be launching a tablet of its own under the company’s Android Galaxy branding. Thus far, the device is code named Roma, and is said to carry all of the specs from the Nexus 10 tablet and will come with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz user interface overlay on top of the stock Android that the Nexus 10 is boasting. Moreover, Roma will also be getting a variant with 4G LTE connectivity.

Roma has appeared before in earlier leaks and the device was rumored to be launched with a Galaxy Tab 3 Plus name, where the Plus indicates the device’s high 299 pixels per inch screen with a 2560 X 1600 resolution. Like the Nexus 10, the device will have a 10.1-inch display.

GSM Arena is reporting that Roma will be announced soon by Samsung, but did not give any estimates on when that would be.

The addition of 4G LTE connectivity will be a nice feature for those who demand always-on mobile broadband connectivity and would rather not have to find an open WiFi hotspot to tether to all the time. It’s something that’s missing from the Nexus 10, though Google did add a version of the HSPA+ connectivity for the smaller Asus-made Nexus 7 slate.

Additional rumored specs include a dual-core Exynos 5 processor–not the Exynos 5 Octa on the international Galaxy S4 flagship–that’s clocked to 1.7 GHz, a 5-megapixel rear camera, 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera, 9000 mAh battery, and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Given that Google I/O is in mid-May, an introduction of Roma with Android Jelly Bean may make the newly launched tablet appear stale as Google is expected to unveil Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie at the developer conference. And like most Android OS releases, Google’s Nexus lineup will be among the first to get the Key Lime Pie upgrade, so it may be a while before we see Android 5.0 head to Roma despite its high-end specs.

Thus far, Samsung has not commented nor made any announcements about Roma or the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus despite numerous leaks in recent months. Pricing isn’t known at this time either, but we do know that the Nexus 10 goes for $399. The addition of a 4G LTE modem on Roma should push the price higher.

Recently, other Galaxy Tab 3 family leaks include a regular 10.1-inch model without a high resolution display as well as a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 model. It looks like Samsung may favor the 8-inch premium display over the current generation 7-inch screen. One reason is that given Apple’s introduction of the 7.9-inch iPad mini, the 8-inch display may be given premium pricing whereas Google is pushing down prices of 7-inch slates with its $200 Nexus 7.

And though prior leaks have mentioned the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus by name, there was also another recent leak suggesting that Samsung may rebrand its tablet efforts under the Galaxy S Tab moniker. Perhaps, then, Roma could even debut as a Galaxy S Tab or Galaxy S Tab Plus.

Source – http://www.gottabemobile.com/2013/04/19/leaked-samsung-roma-rumored-to-be-touchwiz-clad-nexus-10/