Friday, 18 October 2013

Stallone To Play ‘Rocky’ Again

Rumours proliferate that Sylvester Stallone is going to be playing the personality of ‘Rocky Balboa’ once again, in a new film set inside the ‘Rocky’ universe.

The incredibly well-liked character Rocky Balboa initially appeared in the Oscar-winning 1976 film ‘Rocky’ and has been the central hero in a minimum of 6 movies to date.

MGM films have basically offered the brand new project, at present known only as ‘Creed’ to director Ryan Coogler.

The future film is really a spin-off as opposed to a direct sequel.

Michael B. Jordan, star of this year’s ‘Fruitville Station’ as well as HBO television drama ‘The Wire’, would play the grandson of recurring series character Apollo Creed. The proposed plot would call for the young Creed to enter the world of boxing, with Stallone’s Balboa playing the role of his counselor.

Director Ryan Coogler, who worked with Jordan in the aforementioned ‘Fruitville Station’ film, is claimed to be enthusiastic with the concept and is eager to co-create the script.

Apollo Creed, as portrayed by Carl Weathers, was initially presented as Rocky’s adversary. In his original position, Creed (who was supposedly based on a combination of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe Louis) was the World Heavyweight Boxing Champ also like the savvy entrepreneur. When faced with a deficiency of proper opponents, Creed decided to put his trophy on the line against a local, unknown fighter.

The first film mostly centred round the chosen fighter Rocky Balboa as he trained for the biggest fight of his life. In the later films, Apollo Creed grew to becomte a adviser and a close pal to Rocky.

Weathers played Creed in every ‘Rocky’ film until ‘Rocky IV’, where the character was killed in a match with Russian boxer Ivan Drago (portrayed by Dolph Lundgren).

Despite the character’s downfall, he’s prominently mentioned in both follow-up films and remains very popular with fans of this series.

The ultimate movie in the original Rocky series, ‘Rocky Balboa’ was released in 2006 to keen critical and profitable reception. In 2010, Sylvester Stallone was inducted into the Worldwide Boxing Hall of Fame and Museum for his creation and depiction of Rocky, also like the many tributes he has paid to boxers and also the sport of boxing in his profession.


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