Wednesday, 15 May 2013

6 bank charger Review.

6-bank chargers don’t come cheaply, but the 2wayradionline Radio 6-bank charger is cheaper than nearly all. Actually, we reckon it represents a fairly great price. With that in mind, we released our reviewer to consider a more in-depth look and let us know very well what he finds.


This 6-bank charger can take either 12 sole batteries or six whole radios (with 6 spare batteries), according to your choice. This makes the charger best for total usage. Users can take out one depleted battery, place it on charge and replace it using a fully charged and able to go version, all within a few seconds.

Additionally to that, the self-switching power supply is specifically adapted to be used worldwide and in cars.

2wayradionline are so buyer welcoming that they’ll even tailor your charger for you, meaning you can order various adapter cups specifically for your needs. You can even combine and match, in truth, the 2wayradionline site actively encourages you to do so.

It can be vastly doubtful that you won’t be capable of finding the best cup size on the 2wayradionline website.


£259.50 in British money, which sounds like a ton, but really is not. We all have seen equivalent products available for over £1,000 and even the less costly models often range between £600 and £800. What we have here is a bargain.


Even with mixed adapter cups, the 6 by 6 charger does its task perfectly. If it is partially a step slower than some of these more expensive products (and keep in mind, I said ‘if’), then it’s not a massive amount, certainly not worth distressing about.

Owing to its relatively little size, this charger can also be something of a space saver, being noticeably smaller than any other products of the same type.

The 6-bank charger is reasonably portable (though I would not want to carry it some distance) and remuneration from an effective, hardwearing model. The polycarbonate casing is particularly hard and shock resilient. Polycarbonates, by the way, are exclusive thermoplastic polymers that are easily moulded but present great resistance to impacts and temperature change, their numerous uses include medical gear, military gear, water coolers, DVDs and even riot shields. Although I’m quite sure that using this charger as a shield during any sort of riot will invalidate the 1yr warranty!

The 6-bank charger is easily set up as well, it is truly so simple as finding a plug point and you’re good to go. All in all, I thought this to be a thoroughly satisfying and user friendly product.


When it comes to specs, this probably is the best 6 + 6 charger on the market. In fact, you will find almost certainly a few others that operate just as competently, or are possibly less. However, now that I have said that, this continues to be a better- quality product, particularly for its price.

What we have here’s a high performance and thoroughly well designed charger, with consumer satisfaction and easy use clearly in the forefront of their thoughts.

As the website itself says, this charger is ideally suited to rental fleets and appears that they are in a position to adapt to most of that conditions that you’re more likely to need it to. Should you’re planning on heading out towards the Lake District and mounting a Guerilla warfare operation against, oh, I don’t know, the cost of sweets in a local newsagents or the number of bus stops in and around Carnaby Street, then you may want to spend a few more hundred and get something for all climate conditions. Nonetheless, if you just want an excellent deal and a great job well done, then you really don’t have to look any more.

6 bank charger Review.

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